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Our Portfolio Managers

Our Portfolio Managers

Dmitry Ivanov

Head of Portfolio Investments

Age: 40 years

He has been in the stock market since 1994. He joined Grandis Capital team in summer 2009. Dmitry started his career as a trader in IFC Viange-Invest. From 1998 to 2006, he worked in Finam Company, where he grew from a mere trader to the Head of the Trading Department. He successfully managed the company’s portfolio of second-tier securities and several mutual investment funds. Starting 2007, for two years Dmitry headed mutual fund’s asset management in Ingosstrakh-Investments Managing Company, where he managed actuarial reserves of Insurance JSC Ingosstrakh and mutual investment funds assets, as well as the assets of Inga group subsidiaries. He graduated from the All-Russian State Distance-Learning Institute of Finance and Economics with a major in Financial Management.

Dmitry Ivanov about himself:

  • More than 19 years of experience in client asset management;
  • Universal approach: I apply various strategies, from the most aggressive to the most conservative ones, as well as combinations of different strategies (the basic strategies are shown on our web site).
  • Individual approach: When developing individual strategies, I take into account the Client`s personal aspects and needs, use different currencies, as well as derivatives.
  • I have profound knowledge of the stock market infrastructure: many years of experience in brokerage and management companies, I took part in the Risk Committee of the IMF and St. Petersburg Futures Exchange.


Andrey Tolstousov

Asset manager

Age: 41 years

He has been working in the stock market since 1994. Andrey started his career in the back office of IFC Romex-Invest. In 1997, he joined IC Rational in the capacity of an analyst. After the crisis of 1998, he was engaged in customers’ portfolios restructuring and conducted fundamental analysis of Russian companies. From 2000 to 2008, Andrey worked as an asset manager in IC Russo-BALT. He actively cooperated with IC Bitza-Invest as an analyst for fundamental analysis. He graduated from the Faculty of Physics of Yaroslavl State University with a major in Microelectronics.

Andrey Tolstousov about himself:

  • Day-to-day collection and analysis of corporate news, examination of market analytics from other investment companies according to the personal methodology;
  • To make investment decisions pursuant to Value-strategy, fundamental analysis is always used (DCF, guideline company method, assets method, excess profit method).
  • To make tactical decisions on trade transactions for high liquidity stock, technical analysis is employed (I use my own technical indicator specially developed for Transaq exchange terminal).
  • I have a vast experience in share trading at MICEX and RTS – since 2000. My work experience with derivatives (futures and options) at FORTS dates back to 2007.
  • Stock market is not the only trading floor I work on. I keep improving the techniques of the options market and study different optional strategies. I think it is a prerequisite for a successful work.

Apart from derivatives, I am keenly interested in the situation in the market of mutual funds. At times, I analyze official quarterly statements of the largest funds to evaluate management quality in these funds.

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